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Dana Pearlman is a systems thinking facilitator, designer, trainer and coach.

Dana works with leaders, teams and groups seeking to transform outdated, ineffective or oppressive systems. Dana works across sectors, including education, government, environment, health, tech, entrepreneurship, social innovation and NGOs.

Dana's aim is to impact many intersecting social issues by helping groups lead from their deepest values towards their vision of the future.




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Santa Rosa, California 


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Areas of Practice


I am a professional facilitator that has worked across sectors including tech, health, government, social entrepreneur and education. Some of my clients include the State of Vermont, The Ministry of Education of Tanzania, California Accountable Communities for Health Accelerator sites, Napa County Department of Health and Human Services, Accenture Tech Vision Advisory Board, Zoomdata, Second Genome, Swissnex, Public Health Institute's Population Health Innovation Lab, GlobeMed, Dalai Lama Fellows, California Association of Hospitals and Health Services, Sonoma Co. Sustainability and Energy Dep., Impact HUBs in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and Honolulu, Stanford Leadership Experiment, CIIS, Sonoma State U's CORE Leadership, Sustainability Learning Centre, BTH in Sweden: Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and more.

Change Labs + Peer to Peer Learning

Do you and your peers have a vision for a better future? Are you seeking to create systems change in your organization or community? Complex systems change requires moving away from business as usual, becoming a learner + being open to seeing what is currently happening and what solutions may be the way forward. Peer-to- peer learning and change labs create the conditions for growing, learning, collaborating and innovating to find new pathways for the future. 

Process and Curriculum Design

Change processes are thoughtfully and collaboratively designed with key stakeholders. This ensure multiple diverse perspectives inform the work. I use a plethora of frameworks, methodologies and practices to create a robust, participatory engagement process.

Leadership Trainings - The art of hosting conversations that matter

Are you seeking to build skills in facilitation and leading change? I co-host 3 day training intensives - covering a plethora of frameworks, methodologies, practices and principles for leading complex systems change. 

I use powerful questions to unearth wisdom at the individual, team, organizational and community and systemic levels. My intent is to steward a world that is more whole, interconnected and in alignment with our true selves for wiser + conscious impact. My sweet spot is working with many intersecting social issues, leadership development, tapping into a group's collective wisdom, and cultivating communities of practice in order to become a system of influence and transform failing and oppressive systems in our world.

1-1 Coaching + Team building

As leaders engage in self-awareness and self-reflection they tap into key leverage points for navigating complex systems change.

Forming strong core teams is an essential component to leading effective change.

I work both one-on-one with clients and with core teams to increase leadership capacity, both dismantling barriers to change - and moving leaders towards a co-created vision of the future, based upon one's deepest values. 

Authentic leadership Guidebook

A co-created guide book for leading complex systems change The Lotus: Authentic Leadership towards Sustainability. 


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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